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We'll sit down and figure out where you are now, and where you want to be. What are your real estate goals? How can we meet them?  I'll listen to your needs and give you options.

Set your plan in motion!

Once we identify your real estate issue, whether it's buying, selling, bankruptcy, divorce, investing, (anything!) we'll make a plan for you and get started. I'll be with you through every step of your journey.  If I can't personally help you, I can find someone who can. 

Mission accomplished

Mortgages, insurance, investments, retirement specialists, I've created a team and have the real estate connections you'll need to get the end result YOU WANT. 

experienced in all phases of real estate

Buying your first home


Say goodbye to renting.  You're a professional now! time get serious and enjoy a place that you can TRULY make our own.  Ask me how...what are the steps to get started.

Time to move up! or Downsize!


Life is journey.  Let me help you find the perfect real estate for whatever stage of life you are in.

Real Estate Investing


You are a professional and you want to prepare for the future. I can explain ways real estate can provide ongoing income for years to come. And I know some techniques you haven't thought of.

Take care of your family


Dealing with your parent's home, starting your child in their first home, these are just some of the real estate issues that can come up.  I can help.

Buy a vacation home!


Ready to invest in that Dream Home in your Favorite Place? Even if I don't work in real estate there, I bet I know someone who does.

Real Estate Headaches


Real estate issues come in many flavors: bankruptcies, divorces, unplanned moves, unplanned inheiritances, foreclosures... I've seen them all, and we can find options and a solution for your problem property.

Cyndy Trueblood, PT & Realtor

Physical Therapist

I got my PT license in 1988.  I've done every kind of physical therapy (except peds) and I've been in long term care for the past 26 years. I succeeded in corporate management 12 years until I'd had enough and added Realtor to my resume.  WAY more fun!


I got my Texas Realtor's license in 2015 and initially focused on investing and building my own portfolio of rentals and investments. I helped many clients through difficult foreclosures and bankruptcies, and I helped start several people in their first homes.


Today I'm a realtor with StepStone Realty and still active in healthcare. I'm here to help you understand the real estate system and your options. My healthcare friends are plenty smart, you just need to  understand how the real estate system works.

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Cyndy Trueblood, Realtor & Physical Therapist

Austin, Texas 78749, United States

(512) 953-SELL(7355)

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